E-liquids, commonly referred to as vape juice, are the lifeblood of your vaping experience. These liquids, when heated in your vape device, produce the flavorful vapour you inhale, hence the term "vaping." E-liquids are crafted from a blend of key ingredients, including vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavourings, water, and the option to include nicotine.

Explore a World of E-Liquids at Order Vape

Selecting your e-liquid taste is an individual odyssey, and at Order Vape, we accommodate all preferences. Our broad selection ranges from traditional tobacco, fruity, and menthol flavours for individuals transitioning from smoking to a variety of captivating tastes. From the sugary allure of coconut and chocolate to the lively hints of cola and pink lemonade, options abound. Whether you possess a specific flavour in thought or are enthusiastic about discovering something novel, your perfect e-liquid is waiting for you.

2% Nic-Salt E-Liquids

2% nicotine salt e-liquids offer a unique vaping experience. These E-Liquids, also known as 20 mg nicotine salts, provide a smoother and more satisfying nicotine hit compared to traditional freebase nicotine. Designed for those who prefer a milder nicotine concentration, they strike a balance between satisfaction and a reduced throat hit. With 2% nicotine salt e-liquids, vapers can enjoy a more discrete and less harsh vaping experience, making them ideal for those looking to quit smoking or simply seeking a less intense nicotine delivery. OrderVape gives a variety of these e-liquids in various flavours, allowing vapers to explore a wide range of tastes while enjoying their chosen nicotine strength.

The Savourful Perfect Hit In Every Puff

Experience the epitome of flavor with our exceptional e-liquids, delivering the perfect hit in every puff. At OrderVape, we've perfected the art of crafting e-liquids that are nothing short of a taste sensation. Our expertly curated blends guarantee a consistently rich, delightful experience, leaving you craving more. From the very first inhalation, you'll be immersed in a world of unparalleled satisfaction. Whether you're a seasoned vapor or new to the scene, our e-liquids promise a genuinely enjoyable and memorable journey through a diverse range of delectable flavors.


Is it possible to select any flavour for both single and multi-buy bundles?

Yes, at OrderVape, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred flavour for both single and multi-buy bundles.

Why do people prefer only a 2% nicotine salt content in every device?

The 2% nicotine salt content in every device provides a perfect hit and maintains a well-balanced vaping experience, offering the ideal combination of satisfaction and smoothness.

Can we refill the e-liquid?

The possibility of refilling the e-liquid is contingent on the type of device being utilized. Certain devices are equipped for straightforward refills, whereas others may not support this feature.

How many types of e-liquids are available at OrderVape?

OrderVape offers different brands that offeres a diverse range of e-liquids with various flavours with a 2% nicotine strength to cater to a wide spectrum of preferences. Our selection encompasses classic, fruity, menthol, and specialty flavours.

What is the liquid-holding capacity of a vape?

The e-liquid capacity of the device varies depending on the specific model. Some devices have smaller tanks that typically hold 2 to 3 ml of e-liquid, while others, like sub-ohm tanks or larger vape mods, can have capacities ranging from 4 ml to 8 ml or more. The capacity you choose may depend on your vaping style and preferences.